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How to Invest in Real Estate with Less than $10,000

I recently wrote an article about how to make $10,000 a month with rental properties. I have personally surpassed that number and will keep going, but not everyone is at that stage in their investing life. What about those who do not have much money and are looking to get started investing in real estate? ... Read moreSource:

Don’t Panic! 3 Money-Saving, Last-Minute Tax Tips for Homeowners

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kroach/iStockIt’s heeeere: tax time. Granted, this year, the coronavirus pandemic prompted the Internal Revenue Service to extend the usual April 15 deadline to July 15. That might have seemed like plenty of time—and yet here we are, with a mere two weeks to go and a filing window that’s closing fast. We get it. Maybe you’re a procrastinator. Or maybe you’re a homeowner who, rather than taking the easy-peasy standard deduction, generally tries to save a bundle by itemizing your deductions instead. Whatever your reason, if you’ve put off filing your taxes until now, don’t panic! You still have options. Here are three last-minute tax tips for homeowners that could save you plenty of money, headaches, and more. Tip No. 1: Grab Form 1098 Form 1098, or th...