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Selling Your Florida Home - Twelve Articles to Help You Be a Seller and Not a "For Sale-r."

31 Aug 2015 12:00:04 PD

There have been a lot of real estate articles written about home sellers and buyers.  But the terms do not accurately encompass all consumers who call on a real estate agent from time to time.  Sometimes I think that real estate buyers and sellers can be broken down into four distinct real estate consumer personalities.For example, lets take the "seller" and "for sale-r." First of all there is little distinction between these two at first glance.   But, in reality, they are different sides of the home seller coin.   They both want to list their home for sale.  Likely they have both already listed their home for sale as there is always a real estate agent who will take any any listing.    But they are different.A "for sale-r" will be easy to spot because they have had a sign out front for much longer than the current market averages.   Some may have already had a listing expire or gone through several real estate agents.What are distinguishing characteristics of a "for sale-r?"They may listed their home for a price which is inordinately high for their neighborhood.  They may have decided their home was perfect and not in need of anything.  They may have restricted access by not allowing a lock box on the property.They may have placed extremely limiting restrictions on access like 24-48 hour prior notice, only showings during a few specific hours or specific days.  Or perhaps their real estate agent must be present every time a showing is done.  Or, if they receive an offer, they absolutely refuse to negotiate on any terms other than full price with few, if any, contingencies. Now a "seller" is quite the opposite.  Sellers understand their listing price should should realistically reflect the "as is" condition of their home.   The "as is" condition may indeed be perfect and move in ready.  Or it may reflect a few minor issues that need to be addressed by a future owner.  Sellers have likely done the necessary things to prepare their home for the market.  Preparing a home for the market does not necessarily mean spending money on the house if money is tight or circumstances restrict it.Some preparations cost very little such as de-cluttering, de-personalizing, cleaning and staging a home.  It could be something as simple as dressing up the front lawn or cleaning the front door.   Sellers make it easy for a home to be shown accommodating reasonable showing requests.Most prospective home sellers do not start out with the goal of becoming a "for sale-r."   They are sometimes the unfortunate benefactor of poor advice, be it from a friend, neighbor, or their real estate agent.  Yes, real estate agents do give bad advice.  This post promised twelve articles to get you started selling your Florida home.   My goal in writing these articles was to help sellers be successful and avoid the trap of being a "for sale-r."A couple of questions to ask when interviewing real estate agents.The key questions to ask when interviewing a real estate agent PART THREE Choose an agent who tells you what you need to hear - not just what you want to hear!It is not "How many homes have you listed?"Sellers want to know these four things.Why hire a real estate agent to sell my home?What is a comparable market analysis?Signs a home is not priced right.Don't forget about safety when selling your home!Open Houses and Showings - A Seller's Most Vulnerable Time.Know your bottom line BEFORE listing your house for sale.Should sellers have a pre-listing inspection?When you are ready to sell your Viera, Florida home, please give me a call at 321-693-3850 or send me an email.


Buying or Selling a Home: Begin with the end in mind.

30 Aug 2015 08:23:51 PD

Buying or selling a home is no different than any other important task.  Success most often depends on the proper planning.    Begin with the end in mind (define your goal).If selling your home is the goal then consider these points.  When....   Depending on the type of transaction the time required to sell a home once a contract is in place is somewhere in the 30-45 day time frame.  If the median days on the market stand about 30-45 days then working backwards the process could take about two to three months from start to finish.Now think preparation...  What must be done to prepare your home for the market?  While many sellers think their home is move in ready it still takes item to prepare a home for the market.  It may simply be a case of cleaning and handling some  of the cosmetic details.  Or there could be some repairs that may be needed.  Or maybe its time to get rid of "stuff."   In cases of older homes it is often helpful to have a pre-listing inspection done.  And if there are problems, address them or disclose them. can be from a few days to months.  However one wants to word this point - set your goals, define your  a home is no different than any other task...proper planning prevent poor performance.  In the case of a house purchase - rejection!Take time to interview real estate agents....   I recommend a minimum of three real estate agents be interviewed before deciding who will manage your sale.  There are multiple other steps in a well planned marketing plan.  The key point for anyone desiring to sell their home is consider the above items as the initial steps in meeting your goal.  Your real estate agent should be able to fill in all the steps in your plan.If buying a home is the goal then consider these points. When....  Are you ready to purchase a home?   Do you have stable employment?   Will you be in place for the next four to six years?  Will your family circumstances or needs change soon?Now think preparation...   Pull your free annual credit report each year to make sure there are no surprises (erroneous negative entries).   Talk with a lender about your credit history and the various types of home loans available based on your circumstances.   Sometimes, if necessary, your lender will become a partner with you in developing a plan to correct issues and better position your credit score for a mortgage.  Think of available funds for down payments and other costs associated with home ownership (taxes, insurance, inspections, survey, etc).Take time to get your own real estate agent...  As a buyer you do not pay anything to have your own real estate agent.   The usual practice is for sellers to pay the buyers' agent (even new construction!).   Your real estate agent will develop a plan to focus your efforts within the defined time and budget parameters to begin the search.  Your real estate agent is on your side.  Your real estate agent will be available to answer your questions abut the process.  Your real estate agent will likely communicate with your lender directly if there are issues or questions about your loan program specifics.   Your real estate agent is key to meeting your goal.While none of the above provides a detailed description of the process of buying or selling a home the steps outlined provide a good starting point.Whether buying or selling a home success is most easily achieved when one begins with the end in mind.Whether buying or selling a home in Florida, call me at 321-693-3850 if I can help. “Target House Shows Purchase Property Mortgage Success” by Stuart Miles


Home Buyer Tips: When Should a Buyer Modify Their Search Criteria?

30 Aug 2015 11:48:25 PD

We all know there is rarely ideal house in the re-sale market.   Perfect homes are usually custom built although perfect can still be limited by budget.In the current Brevard County, Florida residential market sales are growing while inventory is not keeping pace with the resulting rise in prices.   This trend has been in place for a while (see chart below) although July seems out of place somewhat.Most focused buyers define their future home's "must have" characteristics early on in the home buying process.  [Read Understand Your Needs When Buying a Home.]Most of the must have characteristics of a house are the things that can't be easily changed (location, size, age, school zone, price, etc.).   Sometimes other characteristics can get on the must have list which can limit potential properties.For example, consider the impact of just requiring a home have an in-ground pool can do to prospective homes that come up in this search of Brevard County, Florida homes for sale.Search 1:  Price range $250,000-$325,000; size home 20000+ sq.ft. under air; built 2000-2015; not located within 55+ community; in Viera, Florida; WITH POOL.  Search 2:  Using the same search criteria but WITH/WITHOUT POOL.    Search 1 results in three homes priced between $275,000 and $319,900.   Search 2 results in thirteen potential properties found priced $259,000 to $325,000.  While none of the non-pool homes may be the ideal at least the buyer has more to consider now.   A few other questions to consider....What is the cost of adding a pool later?  What if the search for the pool home takes another year while prices are rising? Is there a point where a home without an existing pool would have been the better choice?  Sometimes the imperfect home is perfect.What if interest rates rise in the interim?  What is the cost of waiting to buy a home?While none of us can predict the future these are just thoughts to ponder when buying a house in Melbourne and Viera, Florida.


What Sells a House?

24 Aug 2015 09:30:01 PD

Back in 2008 I wrote a short article about "Do great slogans sell houses?"    I am not sure the reason but this single post continues to lead all 3,000+ of my posts fin the number of views. I think the genesis of this post was all eh tag lines and slogans I was seeing in advertising at the time.My point was no real estate agent nor real estate brokerage slogan or brand will automatically sell your house.   At the time I was a Century 21 agent so we were sloganized (not a real word) as well.While tag lines may help, in the end, homes are sold because of specific items.Proper pricing.  Pricing a home for the market is not an exact science however a local knowledgeable real estate agent should have the tools to provide an analysis that should be very close to the current market price.  This analysis will include a look at the active competition as well as recent similar sales.  It will take into account a property's general condition as well as any issues (traffic, desirability of area, etc.).  It will take into account a seller's circumstances and goals although it will not consider what an owner paid.  Preparation.  Preparation is part of the pricing equation (fix what can be, price for what can't be fixed) but includes much more.  It involves staging the property to promote the positives and minimizing any negatives.  This could include painting, removing excessive furnishings, de-personalizing perhaps replacing carpeting.  It must always include the exterior of the house as first impressions are key.  One thing it always includes is cleaning. Promotion.  Your real estate agent will develop an individualized marketing plan that works for your house.  It will be a plan that targets the pool of most likely buyers.  It may involve an open house.  It always includes internet marketing.  Finally one other component of promotion is accessibility.  If a buyer can't see the property, they can't (or usually will not) buy the property.There are many other mini-components to successfully selling a home.Getting an offer accepted is not the end but just the beginning of a road to the closing table.   The real estate transaction requires constant oversight until the keys change hands. There are critical time components that must be met.  That is the reason the Florida purchase contract includes "Time is of the essence." in bold print.  There are (or may be) contingency deadlines and contingencies to be removed.  There is an order to the process.A competent real estate professional will go a long way to accomplishing your goal whether buyer or seller.If you are buying a home in Melbourne or Viera, Florida, I can help. If you are considering selling your Viera, Florida home, call me at 321-693-3850.  I am your local expert!


Summer Lakes in Viera, Florida - Gated Executive Living in Central Florida

22 Aug 2015 14:00:00 PD

The below market report was extracted from n update I recently sent to an interested prospective buyer who was asking about a few of the exclusive gated communities in Viera, Florida.  Along with Wyndham at Duran the community of Summer Lakes offers gated executive living in central Brevard County, Florida.Currently there are five active listings in Summer Lakes.  Listing prices for all of these standard sale executive homes range from a low of $799,900 to $1.25 million.All of these homes for sale in Summer Lakes are large with an average size of about 4,000 square feet under air offering 4-5 bedrooms and 3-4 bathrooms.   Common features found in all of these homes include tile roof, three car garage, pool and a fireplace (one lacks a pool).   Lot size varies from just over a half acre to about one acre with some lake front homes  There are also another three standard sale homes under contract awaiting the closing process/date.Over the past six months there have been five homes sold in Summer Lakes. The sales (as recorded in the Brevard MLS system) included:2852 Bellwind Circle - Sold for $760,000, built 2006, standard sale on 03/13/2015, 3223 sq.ft. (3BR/3BA), pool home.2922 Bellwind Circle - Sold for $860,000, built 2006, standard sale on 03/09/2015, 3512 sq.ft. (4BR/4BA), pool home.2953 Bellwind Circle - Sold for $940,000, built 2007, standard sale on  04/17/2015, 4225 sq.ft. (4BR/4.5BA), pool home.3003 Bellwind Circle - Sold for $1,170,000, built 2008, standard sale on  06/11/2015, 4342 sq.ft. (4BR/4.5BA), pool home.3163 Bellwind Circle - Sold for $975,000, built 2005, standard sale on 06/05/2015, 3745 sq.ft.(4BR/3.5BA), pool home.As a point of reference about selling prices read this article from 2011 about homes for sale in Summer Lakes.Along with the very exclusive Wyndham at Duran (prices slightly higher) Summer Lakes offers some of the largest and most exclusive homes in the Viera, Florida area of central Florida.For information on homes for sale in Summer Lakes or Wyndham at Duran please give me a call at 321-693-3850 or send me an email.

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